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FF – Live Q&A December 22

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A few more of us on the call this time as I remember not to clash with the football! Jumplinks will be added shortly so you can navigate the questions you're interested in, and their answers.

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00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:39 – Hi, my employer (a major global bank) offers the benefit of buying their stocks at 5% discount rate with no brokerage fees. The dividends are also automatically reinvested without brokerage fees. The shares are held in a GI account (I assume, doesn't mention an ISA and it does mention tax implications) and it's an after-tax benefit. I already contribute to my pension and usually max out my ISA each year (not my partner's though). Would I be better off using the after-tax money to buy a global index fund (I use Vanguard) or are the discount rate and lack of fees too good value to be ignored?

00:05:37 – I have completed a financial plan in Voyant and it looks good. That being said, I am aware I am an amateur, and there are lots of check boxes that I have left at default or am not 100% sure what they mean.

00:10:37 – Pete, if I was to substitute the word “risk” with the word “volatility”, would you say that would be 100% accurate?

00:16:40 – Quick question (hope you don’t mind it being a pension one) regarding exceeding the lifetime allowance. When I have done some research on this issue, the general response appears to lead to a common response, go see a financial advisor. Not to discredit this great profession but what advice are they likely to give me that your excellent academy does not?

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