Additional Voyant Subscription


Here's where you sign up for an additional licence for Voyant Go, at a cost of £120 per year.

Once the form is completed and payment is made, please allow up to 24 hours for your Voyant Go subscription to be set up - thank you.

NOTE: Don't complete this form more than once. If you have already done so and not received your login information, please send us a message via the support form.

The name and address fields on the form below are for the person paying for the licence - these should be pre-populated with the details that we already hold for you.

The new licence will be linked to your email address, but a separate password can be set to keep this licence separate form your first.

Then we ask for four more pieces of information on this form about the main name on the additional Voyant account:

   - The name of the main person on the Voyant account

   - Their sex

   - Their date of birth. Please take care - at least one in five people put the current year as their year of birth!

   - Are they already retired? Only choose yes if they have already retired from their main occupation.

Thank you!

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