Practical Planning: 5 Things You Must Know If You Are Building Wealth or Planning Your Retirement


  • In-depth video covering the 5 things you can do to check that your plans are on track while building wealth or that you on track for a successful retirement (click the button that fits you best)
  • An actionable list, which you can implement immediately and ensure you stay on track
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In times of uncertainty like these, there's something we can all do to protect our finances. I hope you'll find this video helpful and if you do please share it with someone who can benefit too.


I am a very content husband and father of two wonderful children. I’m also a Chartered Financial Planner and Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management in Penzance, UK.

My belief is that Financial Planning is really simple for the vast majority of people. It is possible for anyone to achieve their goals, whether financial or otherwise, by following some pretty basic rules. This is why I started MeaningfulMoney more than 10 years ago and continue to make resources like these available to anyone. 

MeaningfulAcademy (this website) is the home of my distilled knowledge of the personal finance world, which I teach in the form of online lessons covering financial foundations, building wealth and retirement planning.