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Whether you're just starting out and need to clear debt or set things up, or perhaps you are already looking to invest and start building wealth… or even if you are retired and are looking forward to get the most out of your hard-earned money – we've got you covered!

Let me tell you right from the start – building wealth is NOT difficult and it DOESN'T have to be complicated. The reason most people get it wrong is because they don't have a system in place to help them take the right steps along the way or they never take any action.

I have built MeaningfulAcademy so that you don't have to guess how it all works. Regardless of your level, you will find clear step-by-step systematised information inside and will immediately know what actions to take.

So the only question left to ask is… Are you ready?

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Hi, I’m Pete Matthew

I’ve been helping
people with their
finances for the
last 22 years.

Here’s how I can help you…

I am a very happy husband and father of two grown-up girls. I’m also a Chartered Financial Planner and Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management in Penzance, UK. Ten years ago I started a website called Meaningful Money with short videos about finance on YouTube. IN 2012 I started a podcast, which is now consistently ranked as the number 1 financial podcast in the UK, and has millions of downloads. I’ve spent thousands of hours putting out free content every week in video, podcast and written form.

During all this time and in my experience as a Chartered Financial Planner, I’ve learned that it is possible for anyone to achieve their goals, whether financial or otherwise, by following some time-tested rules. Meaningful Academy is where my best, most distilled thinking lives. So if you want to make quick progress and kick-start your wealth-building, the Academy is where it’s at.



“I knew I needed to invest as well as save, but needed to have the assurance that I was making the right choices. I had a historical portfolio that had grown by topsy and I didn't really understand why I had my chosen investments.

Working through the Meaningful Academy – Build Wealth gave me a firm basis from which to re-evaluate my choices. The modules were very clearly explained by Pete and gave me so much information.

All the stuff I wish I knew 20 years ago! I now have the confidence to make correct choices and can feel confident to stick with them even when the market conditions are tough!

Voyant Go has made a tremendous difference to my financial planning. It is such a powerful planning tool, yet easy to use.

The Build Wealth section of the Academy is clear and has really set me in the right direction. I thoroughly recommend it.”

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